Newsletter 22 June 2015

Dear all,

Together with Ram Kaji Thapa we have started up a project to support the village of Newarpani in the Nuwakot district. Ram grew up in the children’s orphanage Hopeful Home and is a dear friend of Laxmi Support for over ten years. Ram is married now and lives partly in his ancestral village of Newarpani, where he was born, and partly in Kathmandu where he works as a pharmacist in one of the central hospitals. Newarpani is located a few hours drive north of Kathmandu at the western most point of the earthquake zone and is close to the Chakersur Primary School at Budhasing, which we have supported for several years now.

Many houses in this village are unstable and unsafe, which makes it necessary to set up temporary shelters. Some of the houses can be repaired and some have to be rebuilt from scratch. Ram has talked to the village council and is pleased to announce that Laxmi Support has offered to purchase zinc sheets for 82 houses to shelter them during the oncoming Monsoon rainy season, which will last for three months.

We are acting quickly due to onset of the monsoon season, which is thankfully ten days delayed this year. The big rains make it impossible for permanent reconstruction to be carried out, so Laxmi Support are doing what is required now.

We are extremely proud to announce that yesterday, 22 June, 82 bundles containing 8 pieces of zinc sheets were delivered by truck to the village. Also we provided to each family a kilo of nails and hooks. The total cost of the project is almost 7,000 Euros and it’s due to your generous support in The Netherlands and The United Kingdom that we are able to complete this project. Please find attached a few photo’s of the arrival of your temporary relief sheetings. We will provide many more photos in the coming weeks. The people of Newarpani village wish to express their deep gratitude and appreciation for your generosity and send their eternal blessings to you all.

For a short update of the children’s orphanage Hopeful Home, in Bhaktapur we can say that the children are going back to the school. They are doing well, two of the children have passed their exams despite the last 60 days. The house is safe and only slightly damaged but the children are still afraid and would prefer to sleep in the tent if it were not for the heavy pre monsoon rains.

In less then three weeks we will travel to Kathmandu. We very much look forward to returning to Nepal to carry out the agreed works and assess works to be done. We will definitely visit Hopeful Home and look forward to seeing the children. If the roads are open we will visit Newarpani and the Chakersur Primary School in Budhasing.

We would like to thank you again and express our appreciation for the many donations and state again that your monies will go directly to the people concerned and that we at Laxmi Support cover all our own personal costs including flights and accommodation.

Samantha, Hendrik, Alex, Sylvia
Laxmi Support Foundation