Newsletter 9 August 2015

Dear all,

A week after our visit to the village of Newarpani up in the hills of the Nuwakot district, we’ve returned to the Trisuli river to provide more zinc sheeting for an additional nine poor families.

Next to the Newarpani village there was another village of low caste families. Seven poor families of this village slept under plastic and we were able to provide them with two bundles of zinc sheeting, which is sufficient to built a temporary shelter. As we were not able to bring the materials to the village due to risky road conditions, the villagers came down to the foot bridge at the Trisuli River to collect.

Additionally we provided a poor man and his wife who lived in very poor conditions next to the river with two bundles of tin sheeting. Their tent was not much more then a piece of plastic on bamboo sticks above a muddy floor on the outskirts of the village. Also we brought him medicines for an open wound on his leg, which he asked for when we met him the week before.

In the same area there was a old lady, who’s house had collapsed and no longer had any relatives to help her. As we weren’t aware of her unfortunate circumstances the first time we visited, we didn’t include her; however all eight families shared one of their own zinc sheets which provided her sufficient sheeting for a temporary shelter. We were very happy that due to the wonderful cooperation of all villagers we were able to help this old lady.

After distribution of the materials to these families we drove on to the next foot bridge where we were met by four teachers of the Chakersur Primary School. Laxmi Support has supported this school and their 85 students for several years now. The two school buildings had received both an official government green and red sticker, meaning one was unsafe and will have to be rebuild while the other was all right prior to the rainy season when the country received 70% of its annual rainfall in three months. We provided the school with ten bundles of tin sheeting for a temporary school building to be set up on the grounds of the playing field. The materials were brought up to Budhasing village by local bus.

Finally, we arranged for an afternoon shopping in the old medieval streets of Kathmandu markets for the school children. We purchased for 165 children, spread over three schools located in the Nuwakot district, blue woven school sweaters and hats, sandals and copy books and pencils. Some of the shops are so low and packed with wholesale products that standing up straight for a tall Dutch lady is nigh on impossible.

Ram is to arrange for the distribution of all these items to the three schools after the monsoon season. It had been a blessedly light monsoon season so far but with the next two months of rains to come the exact date of the distribution will be judged on the ground. One trip will be up to the Budhasing village to the Chakersur Primary School where Ram will check on the temporary classrooms.

Laxmi Support and all families would like to express once more their deep gratitude for your generous contribution as without this support we cannot bring little relief for those in need.

Best wishes,
Samantha, Alex, Ram, Hendrik, Sylvia