Newsletter 3 October 2016

Dear All,

In Nepal, the monsoon season has finished and the festival weeks of Dashain and Tihar are upon us. Unfortunately, many families still live in temporary shelters since the devastating earthquake of 2015. The government made the pledge of financial compensation for NRP 200.000 (approx. 2,000 Euros) for the reconstruction of family homes; however, to the great disappointment of many this promise has not yet been honoured. Ram’s brother still lives in a temporary shelter of corrugated sheets (supplied by Laxmi Support) with his wife and three year-old daughter. During heavy monsoon rains the family would take shelter in their neighbours house. We have great hope that the government will eventually make the first payment to these families who need it the most before the end of this year, so families can finally make a start rebuilding their homes and lives.

Please find below the latest news of Laxmi Support:

Scoriton Country Show:

In August, Laxmi Support attended ’the Scoriton “Country Show’ on Dartmoor, Devon. The weather was gorgeously sunny and people came out in great numbers to visit the fair. We had so many things on our stall that a second table had to be set up to spread out everything. We sold boxes, wallets, and bracelets from Nepal, Bali and Thailand, second hand toys, children’s books, children’s clothing and so much more. We raised a fantastic amount of £ 174, 30. Much can be done with this amount of money in Nepal.

Library books and writing materials for Sharad Secondary School in Lampung:

Laxmi Support was asked to help with setting up the library of the Sharad Secondary School, located in the village of Garambesi in the remote hills of Lamjung district. It takes a full day travel by bus and jeep to reach the school, which has about about 350 pupils. In Kathmandu Ram purchased 54 books, 1100 notebooks and pencils, erasers, pencil sharpeners and alphabet teaching posters. The school principle was very pleased with the wide variety of library books. There were books on Nepalese history, chemistry, geography, dictionaries, story books and many more. The students were delighted with the notebooks and writing materials, which were distributed during the morning assembly. Useful help, directly spent and many happy faces.

We would like to thank our sponsors for their continues support and for making this project possible.

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We keep on going! Keep supporting us! Nepal needs it so badly.

Big Namaste,
Laxmi Support Team