Newsletter 30 December 2016

Dear All,

It’s the time of year or our annual update of the activities of Laxmi Support and the situation in Nepal. Good news is that last September the first individual deposit of 50,000 NRP (+/- 500 euro) from the Nepal government was paid to the 2015 earthquake victims. Unfortunately, many families were forced to use this in part to pay off outstanding debts accrued from the earthquake. Also, the monies were paid out prior to the great Dashain festival in October (see our Facebook post from October 4) which meant much of the monies were spent of the festivities rather than rebuilding. Most of the families whose houses were declared uninhabitable still live in tents or corrugated iron houses, and these payments will only go so far in the work towards national reconstruction. Hopefully, the government will decide quickly when the second and third disbursements will take place but the story so far is one of delay and confusion.

Here’s our latest news:

Christmas Market at Stover School:

On the 8 December Stover School in Newton Abbot, England, held their annual Christmas market and Laxmi Support was present with a stall full of second hand toys and colourful things from Thailand, Bali and of course Nepal. It was a wonderful afternoon, classes were suspended and all the school children came along with many parents and grandparents. There was a photographic moment with Santa Claus in his Grotto, all kinds of party games, tombola, creative classes, and of course, tea and cakes, and delicious delicious hot chocolate with homemade cookies. We sold lots of things and raised the fantastic amount of £241. All proceeds go directly to the renovation project of the Annapurna Primary School in Pokhara. We would like to thank the ‘Friends of Stover ‘ for providing us with this great fundraising opportunity.

Renovation project of Annapurna Primary School in Pokhara:

In 2006 Laxmi Support supported the Annapurna Primary School for the first time. Since then we’ve implemented many projects to improve the school building and grounds and raising the level of education. In December this year, Ram Thapa traveled for Laxmi Support to Pokhara to visit and assess the requirements at the school. This time we restored some large cracks to the building, caused by the earthquakes of 2015. Three water taps were fitted to the toilets and a new carpet was laid to the Year 1 classroom. We also purchased two all weather swing seats and repainted the whole school building in a beautiful sky blue, along with a red coloured band at the base of the building for concealing the mud splashes during heavy monsoon downpours. To comply with new government regulations, a new name was painted on the side of the building and the school is now officially called “Shree Annapurna Basic School”. Teachers Anita and Tika contributed to the painting of the school. Ram again traveled to Pokhara to oversee the finished results and arrange the final matters. He also distributed fleece jackets and trousers to the 25 students of the school. We are very pleased to see that the school is still going strong and after 10 years of our support we envisage a long and prosperous future. We would like to give our super thanks to all our sponsors for your great help in making projects like these such a success! For more info see our website:

Best Wishes for 2017:

Laxmi Support wishes everyone a happy and healthy and prosperous 2017. We greatly appreciate your trust in us and your continued support in our current and future projects for the children of Nepal. Massive thanks on behalf of the Laxmi Support team and the teachers and children from Nepal.

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Laxmi Support Team