Newsletter 16 March 2018

Dear All,

Wednesday next week we will travel for three weeks to the fascinating Himalayan country of Nepal. Vaccinations have been done, visas prepared and travel bags almost packed. A large travel bag is stuffed with warm clothing for the children in the mountainous district of Nuwakot and for the children’s home in Jhaukel, such as knitted hats, sweaters and scarves, jackets and toothbrushes etc, all this will end up very well.

In the first week of our stay we will travel by 4×4 jeep to the schools in the villages of Budhasing and Newarpani in Nuwakot. We will see and discuss what best ways we can support the children and also whether there are still families who can use extra help with the reconstruction of their homes after the earthquake of almost three years ago. Both schools have started rebuilding parts of their schools and we might be able to contribute a little in this area as well. We also look forward to meet again the family of Keshab Thapa, who was able to rebuilt his family home by using an interest-free loan provided by Laxmi Support. In the second week we want to visit the children in Hopeful Home. We booked three nights in a rural guesthouse nearby Hopeful Home and hope that we will be able to walk to their house.

We very much look forward to visiting this beautiful but poor country once again and are curious to see how much restoration work has been carried out in and around the Kathmandu Valley after the April 2015 earthquake.

That is it for now. Please follow us on Facebook and keep an eye on our next newsletter. More to follow…..

Take care,
Samantha & Alex
Laxmi Support Foundation