Newsletter 10 July 2018

Dear All,

As promised, please find below a follow up newsletter of our actions that we launched in April of this year.

School uniforms for two primary schools:
Recently new school uniforms were distributed to the children of the Annapurna Primary School and the Raluka Devi Primary School in the district of Nuwakot. The children of these two schools come from the lowest class of society, called Dalits. In April this year, Samantha purchased the blue fabrics for the shirts and skirts/ pants in Kathmandu and Ram brought the materials up to Nuwakot to hand it over to the local tailors of the two villages. It took several weeks for all 55 uniforms to be finalised. Ram travelled once more to Nuwakot to check on the final result and has made many pictures of the happy children in their new school clothes. For full report with photos, visit:

Ashburton Grand Fete:
On Sunday afternoon, July 1, the ‘Grand Fete’ took place in the village of Ashburton. As the day started with heavy rain, it was questionable whether the market would continue. Luckily around noon the sun broke through and it turned into a successful afternoon for the Ashburton Grand Fete. Various activities were organized, such as a dog show and folk dancing for children. Laxmi Support was present with a colorful market stall and our revenue was as much as £ 106. For full report with photos, see:

New home for the Keshab Thapa family:
In the newsletter of 1 October 2017 we informed you about the loan we have provided to Keshab Thapa and his family for building a new house. Keshab, his wife and two small children have lived in corrugated iron shelter over two years after their home was badly damaged by the eartquake of 2015. Now we can report that their new home is finished and that the loan has been repaid for almost half. It is a brick house with two rooms. A hallway leads from the front door to the back door in between the rooms. The roof is made of the corrugated sheets that we have provided after the earthquake for building a temporary shelter. The wooden window frames and doorposts are made by Keshab himself. We are delighted that finally Keshab and his family have a roof over their heads. A photo of the new house has been added to this newsletter.

In November we have planned to distribute warm fleece jackets to two primary schools in Nuwakot. One fleece jacket will cost around £5. A donation towards this project would be greatly appreciated. Thank you very much!

Enjoy the amazing summer, namaste,
Laxmi Support Foundation