Newsletter 17 June 2019

Dear All, 

It’s been a while, but please find below our update of the Laxmi Support’s activities over the last few months.

Renovation project Annapurna Basic School in Nuwakot, April-June 2019:

On Monday, 17 June, we officially completed the renovation project of this school. Three classrooms were plastered on the inside and the entire school was painted in fresh yellow and blue colours. The families of the children from this school come from the Dalit caste, which is the lowest caste in Nepal. The painter also inscribed the English and Nepalese alphabets, a map of the Nuwakot district, the months of the year and the days of the week on the walls of the classrooms. He also painted on the building outside the national symbols of Nepal. All in all it has made for a beautiful school where the children can follow lessons in a pleasant environment. 

Last Monday Ram from Laxmi Support and his wife Saraswati traveled to the school by taxi and distributed school materials to the children. They also handed out a globe and a Canon printer to the headmaster. Having their own printer is a major step forward for the school, as they’re no longer dependent on the local print shop, which is more than an hour one way from the school. This will save such a lot of  time and money. Despite intense heat, the welcome ceremony at the school was as always fantastic. For a full report and photos:

Sponsors visit the Annapurna Primary School in Pokhara, April 2019:At the beginning of this year we were approached by John Lindsay, who had the wish to visit a Laxmi Support project during his trip to Nepal in April this year. John, who is from Australia, has been a loyal sponsor of Laxmi Support’s projects for many years. A visit to the Annapurna Primary School in Pokhara proved to be the best option and was arranged. 
On Monday, April 22, John, his daughter and her partner, and two grandchildren visited the school and received a warm welcome from the teachers. They had brought colouring materials for the children and spent a few hours making wonderful drawings with the students. John and his family and also the children and teachers of the school thought it was a great experience, or as in John’s own words: “One of the Biggest Highlights of our Trip!” We would like to thank John and his family for their enthusiasm, time and effort. Read more about John’s experiences here:

School materials for the Annapurna Primary School in Pokhara, January 2019:

At the start of this year, Marjolein from the Sonmar Foundation asked us if we wanted to donate writing materials and two clocks also to the Annapurna Primary School in Pokhara. Marjolein has been one of Laxmi Support’s volunteers at the Annapurna Primary School in 2009 and afterwards has set up her own foundation. We are delighted that Marjolein also continued to support this school in recent years. Marjolein purchased and distributed all kinds of materials for 140 Euro, such as notebooks, pencils, coloring books, colored pencils, two clocks etc. for the children. All kinds of things that are very useful at school. We would like to thank Marjolein for the wonderful cooperation and commitment. For a full report with photos:

For the upcoming summer months, Laxmi Support has booked a spot at the summer fetes in the English towns of Ashburton, Staverton and Scoriton. Our stall will be full of colourful things from Nepal and Bali and lots of second-hand and new toys, children’s clothes and books. Thumbs up for a good sale and lots of English sunshine!

Big thanks to all our sponsors. The appreciation of our actions in Nepal is enormous! However difficult to convey, this is why we refer to the attached ‘Letter of Appreciation’ for our renovation project at the Annapurna Basic School in Nuwakot. This letter is for all our sponsors, without your support we would not be able to carry out our actions, so therefore a huge THANKS!

For more information and photos, have a look on our Facebook page or our website( translation button available).

Big Namaste,

Samantha, Laxmi Support Foundation