Newsletter 23 December 2019

Dear All,

Here we are again with some good news to report from Laxmi Support:

Sponsoring Tihar Festival in Hopeful Home:

This year Laxmi Support sponsored the Tihar festival for the children of Hopeful Home. Tihar is a five-day Hindu festival, which is mainly celebrated in Nepal and some parts of India. It is the second largest festival of the country and is also called the “festival of the lights“, as many lights are lit indoors and outdoors. On the evening of the third day, blessings are given to Laxmi, the Goddess of Prosperity, by burning oil lamps and candles in front of windows and doors to welcome prosperity and happiness into the home. The fifth and last day of the festival is called “Bhai Tika”, where the sisters apply a red coloured rice “tika” to the foreheads of their brothers to wish them a long life and thank them for their protection.

To make Tihar a success for the children of Hopeful Home, Ram from Laxmi Support, together with Gopini Wosti, Krishna and a few other children from Hopeful Home, went out to stock up on groceries. They bought two bags of rice of in total 50 kilos, 6 kilos of sugar, oil, tea, meat, flowers, fruit, potatoes, various vegetables, coconuts, soft drinks, shampoo, conditioners, new underwear for all 24 children, and much, much more. We bought for a total of £ 490, which will also be useful for the weeks ahead. For a full report with photos, read:

Christmas market at school:

On Tuesday December 10th, we were at the Stover School Christmas market in Newton Abbott, England. The market only lasted two hours, but it was super busy with parents and children attending the market. All week the students had made beautiful Christmas decorations in the class to be sold on their own stalls. There were also games, a raffle, a lucky-dip and much more.

The colourful stall of Laxmi Support attracted a lot of attention. Our stall was packed with Dream Catcher key rings, bracelets and purses decorated with colourful beads from Bali. Pretty bags, delicious tea and other things from Nepal. We’ve sold a lot and Samantha’s crocheted lavender bags and little rabbits were sold out! We raised an amazing amount of £ 135. Big thanks for the “Friends of Stover”, who organized the Christmas market and also to everyone who bought a little something from our stall. Needless to say that all monies raised will go directly to our projects in Nepal.

Tea from Nepal:

At our market stall we sell delicous tea from Nepal in colorful bags (see photos in the attachment). The bags can be purchased for 3.95 GBP (excl. shipping costs from the UK / payment via bank transfer or Paypal). If you would also like to receive tea from Nepal and thereby contribute to our projects, do let us know by sending an email to: Thank you in advance for your support.

For the new year we will continue with our projects for the schools and children’s home and we will keep you posted. Follow us on Facebook or visit our website.

We would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a healthy and especially happy New Year.

Namaste, Samantha, Laxmi Support Foundation