Newsletter 21 December 2021

Winter project for four primary schools

Namaste family and friends,

It’s time for another newsletter to inform you about two recently completed projects for four schools and the successful return of our mini stall on a quiet country lane in South West England.

To Nuwakot by jeep:

During the winter months in Nepal it can be pretty cold up in the hills of the middle Himalayas. As there’s no central heating in schools, the classrooms feel very damp and cold. Therefore we decided to distribute warm winter jackets and writing materials to 107 students of three primary schools in the Nuwakot district. The kids were extremely happy with the donations.

The black down jackets were made by a small sewing factory of Manoj Wosti in Kathmandu. The seamstresses worked super hard for a week to prepare all 107 coats in three different sizes.

Ram, who works for the Laxmi Support Foundation, has also stocked up on no fewer than 576 notebooks and other writing materials. A 4×4 jeep was hired to travel early morning to Nuwakot to deliver the goods to the three schools and return to Kathmandu that same day.

The first stop was at the Chakreswori Basic School where 85 students were pleasantly surprised with this help. Our foundation has been supporting this school since 2007 and it was therefore wonderful to be able to return once more. 

The Annapurna Basic School with eleven students also received a visit. The children come from families of the lowest caste in society, so it’s even more important that they are given a warm coat.

The final stop was at Dhadakharka Primary School with fifteen children. It was our first visit to this school and we have a feeling it won’t be our last!

Nice to mention that this project received the attention of the local news channel NDA News. Although in Nepali language, it’s still fun to watch. Click here: YouTube-NDA News.

To Pokhara by bus:

It has been some time since we executed a project for the 45 children of the Annapurna Primary School in Pokhara. After contacting the teachers, the wish was to hand out blue tracksuits instead of winter coats. And so we did…and more. We also distributed small backpacks and of course writing materials.

The tracksuits were made in Kathmandu at the same sewing factory as where the winter jackets were made. The other goods were bought in Pokhara. Early December, Ram and his wife Saraswati traveled for two nights to Pokhara by bus.

The welcome at the school was heartwarming. Wooden benches and desks were set up outside so that the ceremony could take place in the warm winter sun. Several speeches were held and Ram was presented with many traditional flower garlands as a mark of respect and appreciation. All the children were delighted with the new school clothes, backpacks and writing materials.

Mini stall on our lane:

Unfortunately, since the outbreak of the corona virus, almost all summer markets have been cancelled. So, we have set up a daily mini stall on our quiet lane in South West England (except on rainy days!).

In 2021 we earned over £415 with sales of handmade key rings and other goodies. This has been used to finance the above winter projects.

Thank you to all our sponsors!

A huge thanks goes out to all our sponsors. We simply cannot carry out these projects without your continued financial support. It’s difficult to express in words the joy our projects bring to the children and their families, but we can assure you that their gratitude is enormous. 

Please consider a donation so we can keep going into the new year. Thank you very much!

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Wishing You All a Very Happy Christmas!

Best wishes,

Laxmi Support team
Samantha, Alex, Ram, Jolanda, Geke, Sylvia