Newsletter July 2022

Dear family and friends,

The monsoon has started in Nepal, the rain showers are heavy and the roads are bad. Fortunately, we have been able to successfully complete three projects. Read more below:

Food parcels for 10 families:

At the end of May we distributed food parcels to 10 poor families, consisting of a large bag of rice, 3 kilos of lentils, 3 liters of cooking oil, 3 bags of salt and 3 bags of soya beans. The families live in various villages spread over the Nuwakot district.

Some families live so remote that they walked to the road to collect their parcels. The bag of rice was carried on the back with a textile band around the forehead. A few families received the packages at home. Ram also handed over two kilos of milk powder and two packs of biscuits to the grandmother of two small children, whose mother has died and father works overseas (see photo below).

Crutches for handicapped people:

Ram has distributed 5 pairs of crutches to handicapped people from different villages. Ram has ordered the crutches from the hospital in Kathmandu, where he works, and transported it on his motorcycle to the hills of Nuwakot. The people were very pleased to find out that the crutches are adjustable in height.

Sponsorship for 12 children:

In June we sponsored 12 children from four different schools, consisting of a new school uniform, shoes, backpack, copies and pencils. In the photo below, 8 of the 12 children are proudly waiting to receive the items. All children come from poor families.

The sizes for the blue uniform were measured in advance and passed on to the local tailor. Ram bought the cloth in the city of Battar and took it to the tailor in the village. As there is a daily electricity black-out of a couple of hours and, during monsoon time, people work hard on the land, it took a little longer to finish the 12 uniforms. But after some patience, it was all ready to be distributed.

The children were delighted with this support. We hope it will improve their motivation to go to school and continue taking classes. The new school year starts this month, so the kids are all set.

A big thank you to all our sponsors! We cannot carry out these projects without your donations. Special thanks go to Fotoclub FWS Maasluis in The Netherlands, who donated the proceeds of the tip jar from 2020 AND 2021 to our charity. Thank you very much for this. 

Also consider a donation so we can continue our projects!

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Best wishes,

Laxmi Support team
Samantha, Alex, Ram, Jolanda, Geke, Sylvia