Newsletter December 2023

Namaste family and friends,

Recently we have succesfully completed a number of projects. Read more below:

In October 2023 we sponsored the Dashain festival for the children of Hopeful Home. It is the most important and auspicious Hindu festival of the year. Ram, together with Gopini, purchased all groceries for the party at the local market.

During the festival offerings are made to the goddess Durga and afterwards a delicious meal is served. We stocked up on goat meat, rice, spices, cooking oil, and soda drinks, as well as shampoo, hair brushes, soap, and more. The children received new clothes, which made them really happy. We also bought 23 colorful sheets for the bunk beds.

At the end of November we distributed blue tracksuits to 280 students from three different schools in the district of Nuwakot. In advance Ram had received a list with all the sizes of the children. The clothing was made in a factory in Kathmandu. Ram hired a 4×4 jeep to transport all the tracksuits to the villages in the hills outside the capital’s valley, about a three hour drive.

Upon arrival Ram and his wife Saraswati received a warm welcome with lots of orange marigold garlands, red tika powder on their foreheads and speeches from the school committee and district head. In total we distributed 124 tracksuits to Shree Saraswoti School, 144 to Chandi Primary School and another 6 to Annapurna Basic School. Quite a few children come from the lower caste of society, and for them this support is especially important.

A week later, Ram handed out another 16 tracksuits to a group of older students. They were happily surprised as they didn’t expect it. The project was also mentioned on a number of online news websites, such as the Dabali Khabar, Bidur Khabar and the Routine Nuwakot.

We would like to thank all our sponsors for supporting our charity. Without this help we cannot carry out our projects.

Big thanks to Julia Smith and Marina and Alex Comninos, who successfully completed a trek to Everest Basecamp in April of this year and raised a fantastic amount for the Puja Norsang Tamangs University Fund, The Didi Movement Charitable Trust, AND for our Laxmi Support Foundation.

We would also like to give our heartfelt thanks to Maurice and Jolanda Wagenaar, who raised a fantastic amount for the Laxmi Support Foundation for their 25th wedding anniversary in September.

These are the pupils of the Gaureswori Basic School. The children belong to the lower caste of society. In the coming weeks we would like to hand out tracksuits, notebooks and writing materials to this small school. A tracksuit costs about 10 Euro on the market. Donate now if you want to contribute to this project. Thank you in advance for your help.

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Best wishes,

Laxmi Support Foundation