Newsletter June 2024

Namaste family and friends,,

Yedu Kumari Sapkota, the headmaster of the Chakreswor Primary School in the village of Budhasing, has asked us several times for a computer and printer, as this would make teaching a lot easier. At the end of May we saved enough sponsorship money to make Yedu’s wish come true. Main software programs, such as Word and Excell, are installed on the computer and will be used for printing teaching materials, school forms and administrative work. Yedu and her team were extremely happy with this support.

A very nice project is the distribution of sports items to three schools in the Nuwakot district. Purchased in Kathmandu and transported to the villages in the hills by taxi. The sports items consisted of footballs, volleyballs, badminton and tennis rackets, skipping ropes, and much more. The children had such fun playing football, and trying out all the other sports. View a collection of photos below:

At the end of April we sponsored Sulab and Biblab from Chitwan for a second year with their education. Biplab is 7 years and is in class 3. Sulab is 12 years and is in class 8. The sponsorship consists of annual school fees, new uniforms, books and school materials. This support gives the children the opportunity to study at the local private school, Panchakanya Vidhya Mandir, where the standard of education is higher than at the nearby government school. We wish the boys all the very best for the coming year,  and our aim is to continue supporting the brothers with their education in the future.

After the monsoon rains in Nepal, we will start up some new projects. We would like to thank our sponsors for their continued support, this is so very much appreciated.

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Best wishes,

Laxmi Support Foundation