Newsletter 21 December 2021

Winter project for four primary schools

Namaste family and friends,

It’s time for another newsletter to inform you about two recently completed projects for four schools and the successful return of our mini stall on a quiet country lane in South West England.

To Nuwakot by jeep:

During the winter months in Nepal it can be pretty cold up in the hills of the middle Himalayas. As there’s no central heating in schools, the classrooms feel very damp and cold. Therefore we decided to distribute warm winter jackets and writing materials to 107 students of three primary schools in the Nuwakot district. The kids were extremely happy with the donations.

The black down jackets were made by a small sewing factory of Manoj Wosti in Kathmandu. The seamstresses worked super hard for a week to prepare all 107 coats in three different sizes.

Ram, who works for the Laxmi Support Foundation, has also stocked up on no fewer than 576 notebooks and other writing materials. A 4×4 jeep was hired to travel early morning to Nuwakot to deliver the goods to the three schools and return to Kathmandu that same day.

The first stop was at the Chakreswori Basic School where 85 students were pleasantly surprised with this help. Our foundation has been supporting this school since 2007 and it was therefore wonderful to be able to return once more. 

The Annapurna Basic School with eleven students also received a visit. The children come from families of the lowest caste in society, so it’s even more important that they are given a warm coat.

The final stop was at Dhadakharka Primary School with fifteen children. It was our first visit to this school and we have a feeling it won’t be our last!

Nice to mention that this project received the attention of the local news channel NDA News. Although in Nepali language, it’s still fun to watch. Click here: YouTube-NDA News.

To Pokhara by bus:

It has been some time since we executed a project for the 45 children of the Annapurna Primary School in Pokhara. After contacting the teachers, the wish was to hand out blue tracksuits instead of winter coats. And so we did…and more. We also distributed small backpacks and of course writing materials.

The tracksuits were made in Kathmandu at the same sewing factory as where the winter jackets were made. The other goods were bought in Pokhara. Early December, Ram and his wife Saraswati traveled for two nights to Pokhara by bus.

The welcome at the school was heartwarming. Wooden benches and desks were set up outside so that the ceremony could take place in the warm winter sun. Several speeches were held and Ram was presented with many traditional flower garlands as a mark of respect and appreciation. All the children were delighted with the new school clothes, backpacks and writing materials.

Mini stall on our lane:

Unfortunately, since the outbreak of the corona virus, almost all summer markets have been cancelled. So, we have set up a daily mini stall on our quiet lane in South West England (except on rainy days!).

In 2021 we earned over £415 with sales of handmade key rings and other goodies. This has been used to finance the above winter projects.

Thank you to all our sponsors!

A huge thanks goes out to all our sponsors. We simply cannot carry out these projects without your continued financial support. It’s difficult to express in words the joy our projects bring to the children and their families, but we can assure you that their gratitude is enormous. 

Please consider a donation so we can keep going into the new year. Thank you very much!

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Wishing You All a Very Happy Christmas!

Best wishes,

Laxmi Support team
Samantha, Alex, Ram, Jolanda, Geke, Sylvia

Newsletter Covid-19 Relief Project – June 2021

Namaste family & friends,

In early May, it became clear that the Delta variant, first discovered in India, had also taken hold in Nepal. The number of Covid-19 infections rose alarmingly fast, also in the Nuwakot district. In the beginning there were only a few infections, within a few weeks the number rose to over a hundred.

After a successful fundraising campaign, at the end of May we started providing medical support to people infected with Covid-19 in this particular area, who are in self-isolation at home or in isolation centers provided for by the government.

Beforehand, Ram Thapa of Laxmi Support, has been busy stocking up all the stuff in Kathmandu, which was not always easy due to the scarcity of the items caused by this second wave. Ram is a pharmacist by profession and works in the hospital, which came in handy as we were able to stock up on many medicines with a discount.

The relief package consisted of: vitamin B, C, D tablets and zinc tablets to strengthen the immune system, paracetamol, facemasks, hand gel, soap, thermometers and oximeters, to measure the oxygen level in the blood.

On May 24 we were ready to start the distribution of the items. Ram was assisted by his brother, Keshab Thapa, and a health worker from Nuwakot district, who was assigned to our project for two days. They managed to reach a total of 112 with Covid-19 infected people.

The mayor of Tarkeshwar Rural Municipality, Mr. Ramesh Wosti, kindly provided for a 4×4 jeep with driver for the duration of our project. This literally saved us a few hundred euros, which we could spend extra on medicines. 

The team wore fully protective clothing, which was extremely hot this time of year. The unpaved roads to the different villages were seriously bad; luckily we had a local driver who was very skilful at steering the vehicle through the hills.

The project was highly appreciated by the villagers, as we went door to door to distribute medicines, measure oxygen levels and give advice. This personal approach was very well received by all involved, one of the Covid-19-infected residents reported that his self-confidence and motivation had been strengthened by the personal attention of the team.

Fun to mention is that the project was broadcasted on Nepalese television. See the report here: YouTube.

A big thank you to our wonderful sponsors, who made it possible to make this project a reality. Thank you to your continued support, it warms our hearts and souls.

Check out our website or follow us on Facebook. We will be in touch soon.

Best wishes,

Samantha, Alex, Ram, Geke, Jolanda & Sylvia
Laxmi Support Foundation

Nepal is in Covid-19 crisis!

Namasté family and friends,

Nepal has been hit hard by a second wave of Covid-19, mainly caused by the contagious Indian variant. The number of new infections increases by 7,000 and more every day. The healthcare system has passed breaking point and the peak of this second wave is not yet in sight. We must act now!

Our project will provide immediate assistance to 100 or more infected people in the Nuwakot district by means of medicines, masks, hand sanitizer, soap, thermometers and oximeters, to measure the oxygen level in the blood. It is also necessary to rent a jeep for two days to reach all the homes and to pay medical staff. 

Please consider a donation to our small but effective charity. Every amount helps! 

Donate now by clicking on the Donate button on our website (Paypal and credit/debit card options) or transfer directly into our bank account.

Our ING bank details are:

Accountname: Stichting Laxmi Support
IBAN: NL62INGB0002531574

Thank you very much for your support,

Laxmi Support Team
Jolanda, Geke, Sylvia, Ram, Alex & Samantha

Photo by Fernando Zhiminaicela from Pixabay

Newsletter April 2021

Namasté family and friends,

In this newsletter we will share some good news and also worrisome news from Nepal. To start with the good stuff, last month we successfully completed our computer project at a school in the district of Nuwakot. The worrying news is that the neighboring country of India has been hit hard by a new wave of Covid-19, which will have damaging effects on Nepal.

Computer project:

Last month we successfully installed five Microsoft computers and a Canon laser printer at the Saraswoti Basic school in the village of Newarpani, Nuwakot. New carpet was laid in the classroom, we also supplied ten chairs, and two wooden computer tables, made by the local carpenter.

Students will now be able to learn the main software programs on the computers, such as Word, Excel and Powerpoint. Another enormous benefit is that teachers can print out questionnaires and other teaching materials to accompany their lessons. 

For most students it was a first to sit at a computer, which was hugely exciting. On the day of the opening of the new computer classroom, the school organised a grand ceremony with speeches, dance and music. 

Watch our 1-minute video to get an impression of our project:

Nepal and Covid-19:

The number of corona infections in Nepal increases daily, with 4774 new positive test on April 28, half of which are recorded in the Kathmandu Valley. The number of vaccinations is almost 2 million, which is just 3.5% of the total population. 

Hospitals in the Lumbini district, which borders with India, are overcrowded. Schools are closed until May 14 and a one-week lockdown of Kathmandu has been announced yesterday. Shutting down the economy brings great poverty for many people, however if the number of infections is not curbed, the hospitals will become overwhelmed soon. 

We keep a close eye on the news from Nepal. Follow us on Facebook to stay up to date.

Support our projects by ordering from our webshop:

Our webshop sells crocheted key rings made by Samantha and gifts from Bali and Nepal. The lavender bags are filled with lavender from Alex and Sam’s English garden. New in our webshop are cute dog paw key rings, perfect for the real dog lover. 

Orders can be placed from the Netherlands and England. To order from another country, please send us an e-mail.

We would like to thank all our sponsors for their continued support. We keep on going with our project for the children and their families of Nepal. With a new wave of Covid-19 on the doorstep, things will get worse in the months to come.

We wish everyone a good summer, do stay safe and be careful out there.

Best regards, 

Laxmi Support Team 
Jolanda, Geke, Sylvia, Ram, Alex & Samantha

Newsletter 22 December 2020

Dear all,

Christmas is coming up in a few days time and the end of the year is almost in sight. What a year it has been! Laxmi Support was forced to stop two projects due to the outbreak of Covid-19 in Nepal, but fortunately we can now report that we have recently and successfully completed one project. Completion of the second project is scheduled for early next year.

Schoolsupplies for 10 students:

At the beginning of this year, we provided ten students from Taruka Hillside School in the Nuwakot district new school uniforms.These students come from poor families and have a ‘scholarship’ from the school, so that school fees do not have to be paid. As all schools were closed in March due to the outbreak of Covid-19, we were forced to put the project on hold. However in October the project was successfully completed by handing out textbooks, notebooks and writing materials sufficient to cover the entire school year. The mothers of the children were also present during the distribution and the appreciation of this support was enormous.

Computer project February 2021:

At the beginning of this year, we made preparations to set up a computer class for a senior school in Nuwakot. At the moment the students are given computer lessons using books but without any computers. The plan is to purchase a printer and, depending on the budget, four or five computers and chairs. Wooden tables will be manufactured by the local carpenter. This project had to be postponed as well, but we plan to carry it out in February-March next year.

Online Webshop:

Support our projects and order something nice in our newly opened online webshop. Handmade Christmas Snowflakes for only Euro 3.50, gorgeous for decorating the Christmas tree. We also offer handmade key rings, perfect for the school bag or bunch of keys, for only Euro 4.90 and other nice items from Nepal and Bali. Needless to say that all proceeds will go directly to our projects for next year.

Click here to view our webshop or consider a donation to support our projects:

Thanks to our sponsors:

We would like to thank all our sponsors for the support of the past year. Without your help we would not have been able to carry out our support projects.

With your help 109 families received food & hygiene packages during the months-long lock-down and all the rooms in the newly rented house of the Hopeful Home orphans have been completely painted and equipped with new carpets, curtains and bed sheets. Finally, we sponsored ten students for the entire school year. All this is not possible without the help of our sponsors! Thousand times thanks for this!

We wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a healthy 2021!


Geke, Jolanda, Sylvia, Alex & Samantha

Laxmi Support Foundation

Newsletter 24 September 2020

Dear all,

Here is the latest update of our project for Hopeful Home and the situation with regards to Covid-19 in Nepal.

Covid-19 in Nepal: Nepal is still in a lock down, although the rules are being relaxed a little. The number of new infections per day is around 1100 and the death toll is now 436. About 10,000 tests are carried out per day, which is very low compared to Western countries. The lock down is taking a heavy toll on the population. There is no more work for day workers, construction workers, tourism workers, and without government support, people fall back on to harsh poverty. Every day thousands of meals are distributed in Kathmandu by three different charity organizations. The situation remains worrisome and with the death toll slowly increasing, the end is not yet in sight.

Painting of the new house for Hopeful Home and more: In July the children moved to a new rental house located in ‘Duwakot’. It’s a near the previous home outside Bhaktapur. Gopini Wosti, the manager of Hopeful Home, has been looking for a new accommodation for a long time, and fortunately she managed to conclude a five-year lease contract. Laxmi Support has experienced five different houses for Hopeful Home in the past 14 years and this new house is a lot more spacious than the previous ones, although the garden is somewhat smaller.

Laxmi Support has painted all the rooms and halls. Ram, of Laxmi Support, and Gopini went out together to purchase all the paint materials. They have also bought metal paint so that all the bunk bed frames could be painted too. Ten painters worked hard for a couple of days to get the job done. Instead of bare grey cement walls, the entire house is now painted a fresh very Nepali pink!

We have also provided a new carpet, curtains and bed sheets. Ram and Gopini went out for a second time to buy all these materials in the nearby Bhaktapur market. We’ve chosen for an average quality carpet in a beautiful red color with gold-colored pattern (red is Nepal’s favourite color). In 2018 Laxmi Support also provided carpet in the bedrooms of the previous house; this carpet has now been re-used in the hall on the first and second floor of the new house.

The children are very happy and according to Gopini it is the best house they’ve ever lived in. A huge thank you goes out to all our sponsors for their continued financial support; without your donations we would have not been able to carry out these support projects for the children of Hopeful Home.

Laxmi Support stall on our lane: Unfortunately, all English summer markets were canceled due to the corona virus, so to raise some funds for our projects we need to look for new alternatives. Therefore throughout the summer we’ve set up a mini stall on the lane of our house. It turned out to be a great success! We sell Samantha’s crocheted keyrings of cute jellyfish, little whales and love hearts and also lavender bags. Very popular also were the beautifully handmade mugs, donated by a good friend of Alex and Sam. In addition to our lovely neighbors, who have bought something nice from our stall, there were also a fair number of regular walkers going up to the Moors passing our stall. And it turned out: that nothing can be more fun than to clip a cute little crocheted jellyfish on your backpack. We have raised a wonderful amount of £ 380and as long as the rains hold off, Samantha will keep on crocheting!

Online Stop:Another initiative is the launch of our Online Shop on our website! Bracelets and necklaces from Bali, glitter storage boxes and keyrings crocheted by Samantha. Orders can be placed from the Netherlands and England. If you would like to place an order from a another country, please send us an e-mail. Needless to say that all proceeds will go directly to our projects. Click here to view our new online shop:

Follow us on Facebook to stay up to date with the Covid-19 situation in Nepal and for more news and photos of our projects. Or check out our websiteand YouTube channel.

Big Namaste from us all,
Jolanda, Geke, Sylvia, Ram, Alex & Samantha

Newsletter 11 April 2020

Dear all,

In these uncertain and difficult times, with so many countries in ‘lock down’, we thought it would be good to provide some information about the outbreak of the Corona Virus in Nepal and how it affects our projects. Earlier this year we started up two projects, however unfortunately we’ve decided to put a hold on these as Nepal went into full lock-down on March 23rd. Read more below:

Nepal and the Corona Virus:

Until now, nine cases of Corona Virus have been identified in the country, of which the first infection occurred within Nepal itself. In total, nearly 1,900 tests were conducted. This week the Nepalese government has decided to extend the national lockdown by a further 9 days until April 15. In Kathmandu, all traffic has been shut down, schools and shops are closed, and traveling to another district is only allowed with special permission. This means also that all international and domestic flights have been canceled until then. *

Below you will find more information about the projects we started up in February but have not yet been able to finalize:

Sponsoring ten students of the Taruka Hillside Primary School:

Located in the hills of the Nuwakot district, the Taruka Hillside School has approximately 235 children. As a private school parents pay school fees annually. Some children come from poor families and receive a ‘scholarship’, which means that the school fees are canceled. For this year we have decided to support these children with a new school uniform, books, notebooks and writing materials. We already bought materials for the school uniforms and distributed these to the children. The local tailor will make the uniforms. Unfortunately, the school is currently closed and we can only hand out books and stationary once the children return to school. A few photos of the distribution of the materials for the school uniforms are attached. More photos will follow, once the school has re-opened. 

Distributing materials and some stationary to students of the Taruka Hillside School in Nuwakot

Computer Lab for the Shree Saraswati Adharbhut Senior School:

This school, also located in the district of Nuwakot, has about 200 students and they receive computer lessons from textbooks only. Therefore the school management urged us to provide computers and a printer, so that the children will be able to practice software programs, such as Excel, Word, PowerPoint, on the computer. Ram has shopped around and we have found suitable, good quality computers at a tech-shop in Kathmandu. We placed an order for five computers and a printer, however as also this school will remain closed until further notice, we have decided to put this project on hold. Payment for the computers has not yet been made. 

On our Facebook page we will continue to share news from Nepal and we hope that we can successfully complete our projects in the near future. This depends entirely on how the Corona Virus will develop in Nepal in the coming weeks / months. We truly hope that the virus will not spread further throughout the country, as the consequences and suffering will be incalculable.

Please do let us know if you have any questions. Stay healthy and safe wherever you are.

Big Namaste,
Samantha Laxmi Support Foundation

Newsletter 23 December 2019

Dear All,

Here we are again with some good news to report from Laxmi Support:

Sponsoring Tihar Festival in Hopeful Home:

This year Laxmi Support sponsored the Tihar festival for the children of Hopeful Home. Tihar is a five-day Hindu festival, which is mainly celebrated in Nepal and some parts of India. It is the second largest festival of the country and is also called the “festival of the lights“, as many lights are lit indoors and outdoors. On the evening of the third day, blessings are given to Laxmi, the Goddess of Prosperity, by burning oil lamps and candles in front of windows and doors to welcome prosperity and happiness into the home. The fifth and last day of the festival is called “Bhai Tika”, where the sisters apply a red coloured rice “tika” to the foreheads of their brothers to wish them a long life and thank them for their protection.

To make Tihar a success for the children of Hopeful Home, Ram from Laxmi Support, together with Gopini Wosti, Krishna and a few other children from Hopeful Home, went out to stock up on groceries. They bought two bags of rice of in total 50 kilos, 6 kilos of sugar, oil, tea, meat, flowers, fruit, potatoes, various vegetables, coconuts, soft drinks, shampoo, conditioners, new underwear for all 24 children, and much, much more. We bought for a total of £ 490, which will also be useful for the weeks ahead. For a full report with photos, read:

Christmas market at school:

On Tuesday December 10th, we were at the Stover School Christmas market in Newton Abbott, England. The market only lasted two hours, but it was super busy with parents and children attending the market. All week the students had made beautiful Christmas decorations in the class to be sold on their own stalls. There were also games, a raffle, a lucky-dip and much more.

The colourful stall of Laxmi Support attracted a lot of attention. Our stall was packed with Dream Catcher key rings, bracelets and purses decorated with colourful beads from Bali. Pretty bags, delicious tea and other things from Nepal. We’ve sold a lot and Samantha’s crocheted lavender bags and little rabbits were sold out! We raised an amazing amount of £ 135. Big thanks for the “Friends of Stover”, who organized the Christmas market and also to everyone who bought a little something from our stall. Needless to say that all monies raised will go directly to our projects in Nepal.

Tea from Nepal:

At our market stall we sell delicous tea from Nepal in colorful bags (see photos in the attachment). The bags can be purchased for 3.95 GBP (excl. shipping costs from the UK / payment via bank transfer or Paypal). If you would also like to receive tea from Nepal and thereby contribute to our projects, do let us know by sending an email to: Thank you in advance for your support.

For the new year we will continue with our projects for the schools and children’s home and we will keep you posted. Follow us on Facebook or visit our website.

We would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a healthy and especially happy New Year.

Namaste, Samantha, Laxmi Support Foundation

Newsletter 1 October 2019

Dear all,

After a glorious English summer, it’s time for an update of Laxmi Support:

Market stalls 2019: In June and August Laxmi Support was present at three festivals in the English villages of Ashburton, Staverton and Scoriton. Our blue coloured gazebo came in handy, not so much to shelter from the rain but more to get some shade from the hot summer sun. All three festivals were well attended with a record number of more than 1000 visitors plus the children at the Scoriton Country Show. There were dog shows, flower and vegetable competitions and all kinds of sports activities and games for the children.

In between all this hustle and bustle was our Laxmi Support gazebo decorated with fluttering Buddha flags above a display of colorful things from Nepal, Bali, Thailand, second-hand and new toys, clothing and so much more. Our stall was well attended on all three days and we were able to tell many people about our activities for the schools and the children’s home in Nepal. In total we sold for a marvelous sum of £ 317, which, with deduction of donations to the organizers of the festivals, will go entirely to our projects.

At the Ashburton Grand Fete, 2019

From December this year, Laxmi Support will also be present at the monthly village market of Staverton. This two-hour market is held every third Saturday morning of the month and after four years of attending Laxmi Support is well known in the local community. Up to now, we have sold for £ 113 this year, which will also go directly to our projects.

For a full report and photos:

Ashburton Grand Fete:

Staverton Flower Show & Sports:

Scoriton Country Show & Sports:

New treasurers: In June this year, Henk Wagenaar, the father of Samantha and our treasurer since October 2011, has indicated, unfortunately he can no longer execute the role of treasurer for our charity and would like to pass it on to someone else. This has been a hard decision, but the time had come. We would like to take this opportunity to say a massive thanks to Henk for all his work over the years. Henk has managed the financial side of numorous projects and was also highly involved in our relief efforts after the earthquakes of 2015. We would like to thank Henk from the bottom of our hearts for 8 years of being our treasurer to the foundation!

Fortunately Geke Kegelaar and her daughter Jolanda from Wapenveld will jointly take over the role of treasurer. The transfer has been arranged with the Chamber of Commerce in the Netherlands and we are in the process of changing names and address for the ING Bank. Geke and Samantha have met each other at the ABN AMRO Bank in Amsterdam in 2008 and their friendship has remained ever since. Geke has been a loyal sponsor of Laxmi Support for many years and has also carried out various campaigns for our foundation. For example, this year Geke raised money for Laxmi Support for her sixtieth birthday and in 2008 Geke and her family sold orange-coloured balloons in Amsterdam on Queen’s Day (see report:

The address of Laxmi Support has now also changed and is: Kievitsweg 8, 8191 BG Wapenveld, Netherlands.

Upcoming project: Festival time has arrived in Nepal. The Dashain Harvest festival has already started and will be extensively celebrated throughout the country. The next important festival will be Tihar which will start in November. This festival is also called the ‘Festival of Lights’, as people will put candles and oil lamps in front of their windows and houses for the Goddess of Prosperity, Laxmi, to find her way to the houses. During this time the Kathmandu valley will be beautifully lit with many small lights. For the children of Hopeful Home, the Tihar festival is their most favourite time of the year and will be celebrated with an extra big meal, new clothes and lots of offerings for the Laxmi Goddess. This year we would love to sponsor this festival for the children. More news will follow in our next newsletter.

Follow us on Facebook or check out our website for more photos and stories.

Big namaste,
Samantha, Laxmi Support Foundation

Newsletter 17 June 2019

Dear All, 

It’s been a while, but please find below our update of the Laxmi Support’s activities over the last few months.

Renovation project Annapurna Basic School in Nuwakot, April-June 2019:

On Monday, 17 June, we officially completed the renovation project of this school. Three classrooms were plastered on the inside and the entire school was painted in fresh yellow and blue colours. The families of the children from this school come from the Dalit caste, which is the lowest caste in Nepal. The painter also inscribed the English and Nepalese alphabets, a map of the Nuwakot district, the months of the year and the days of the week on the walls of the classrooms. He also painted on the building outside the national symbols of Nepal. All in all it has made for a beautiful school where the children can follow lessons in a pleasant environment. 

Last Monday Ram from Laxmi Support and his wife Saraswati traveled to the school by taxi and distributed school materials to the children. They also handed out a globe and a Canon printer to the headmaster. Having their own printer is a major step forward for the school, as they’re no longer dependent on the local print shop, which is more than an hour one way from the school. This will save such a lot of  time and money. Despite intense heat, the welcome ceremony at the school was as always fantastic. For a full report and photos:

Sponsors visit the Annapurna Primary School in Pokhara, April 2019:At the beginning of this year we were approached by John Lindsay, who had the wish to visit a Laxmi Support project during his trip to Nepal in April this year. John, who is from Australia, has been a loyal sponsor of Laxmi Support’s projects for many years. A visit to the Annapurna Primary School in Pokhara proved to be the best option and was arranged. 
On Monday, April 22, John, his daughter and her partner, and two grandchildren visited the school and received a warm welcome from the teachers. They had brought colouring materials for the children and spent a few hours making wonderful drawings with the students. John and his family and also the children and teachers of the school thought it was a great experience, or as in John’s own words: “One of the Biggest Highlights of our Trip!” We would like to thank John and his family for their enthusiasm, time and effort. Read more about John’s experiences here:

School materials for the Annapurna Primary School in Pokhara, January 2019:

At the start of this year, Marjolein from the Sonmar Foundation asked us if we wanted to donate writing materials and two clocks also to the Annapurna Primary School in Pokhara. Marjolein has been one of Laxmi Support’s volunteers at the Annapurna Primary School in 2009 and afterwards has set up her own foundation. We are delighted that Marjolein also continued to support this school in recent years. Marjolein purchased and distributed all kinds of materials for 140 Euro, such as notebooks, pencils, coloring books, colored pencils, two clocks etc. for the children. All kinds of things that are very useful at school. We would like to thank Marjolein for the wonderful cooperation and commitment. For a full report with photos:

For the upcoming summer months, Laxmi Support has booked a spot at the summer fetes in the English towns of Ashburton, Staverton and Scoriton. Our stall will be full of colourful things from Nepal and Bali and lots of second-hand and new toys, children’s clothes and books. Thumbs up for a good sale and lots of English sunshine!

Big thanks to all our sponsors. The appreciation of our actions in Nepal is enormous! However difficult to convey, this is why we refer to the attached ‘Letter of Appreciation’ for our renovation project at the Annapurna Basic School in Nuwakot. This letter is for all our sponsors, without your support we would not be able to carry out our actions, so therefore a huge THANKS!

For more information and photos, have a look on our Facebook page or our website( translation button available).

Big Namaste,

Samantha, Laxmi Support Foundation